Our services

Machining: Router

Manufacture and machining in aluminum, copper, wood, acrylic and nylon plates with dimensions of 1600 x 2500 mm and thickness up to 20 mm.

Machining: CNC

We manufacture parts in steel, titanium, aluminum, nylon and copper with dimensions of 720mm in length, 370 width and 300mm in height.

Machining: Water Jet

Machining capacity of 1.3M x 1.3M, 2 ”thickness in steel, titanium, glass, marble, granite, among others.

Structural Assembly: sets and subsets

Drilling: Drilling is varied and carried out using machining technologies or manually using a template or bench drill. The best process for drilling is selected in order to guarantee the tolerances established by customers. Our technologies guarantee drilling with tolerance up to 0.05mm. Riveting: Installation of blind, solid and sparkling rivets through Riveters, Galifon and hammer, with rivets with diameters of 1/16 ”, 3/32”, 1/8 ”and 5/32”.

Structural Assembly: Sealing

We perform sealing of rivets (wet assembly), interface sealing, sealing of nuts and sealing of fillets.

Three-dimensional measurement

Three-dimensional technology for GD&T tolerances is used in the quality inspection of parts.
The dimensions that we can measure are 1000 mm on the Y axis, 600 mm on Z, and 700 mm on X.

Conformation of Materials

Aluminum and copper up to 10 mm thick and up to 1200 mm long and steel up to 2.5 mm thick, with a minimum radius of 1.6 mm and a maximum radius of 10 mm and a maximum flap of 660 mm.

Manufacturing Engineering: manufacturing method

Analysis of customers' projects and standards is carried out using appropriate software. Development of production processes seeking the best technology to guarantee customer specifications, using methodologies for cost reduction - Lean.
Development of detailed drawings of the activities of each production process seeking to convey through illustrations the best method for carrying out each activity.

Quality inspection

Inspection of 100% of the parts is
carried out through the inspection plan prepared with the critical quotas to guarantee the client's project. The dimensional and visual aspect are checked in the product according to the specifications of the clients' standards.

Raw Material Cutting

Cutting of aluminum, copper or steel plates, up to 2000mm in length and plate thickness up to 4.0mm.

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